Rigid Boxes

Custom rigid boxes have the potential to improve the impression of a product instantly. Good packaging is mostly responsible for giving customers the all-important information about your product, including the USP. Sometimes it is the only sign that triggers to influence customers buying behavior.

An attractive wholesale rigid boxes design can help grasp customers’ attention, especially when they don’t know anything about its contents. This depicts that good design paves the way for business growth and boosts the value and relevance of the company.    

But that’s not the only reason why you should invest in custom rigid boxes. According to the experts, enticing packaging design also strengthens retail support. Let’s have a look at the top four benefits of great rigid boxes design and see how it can benefit your business.   

Inform Customers of Your Goods

When you are developing your rigid box design from scratch, you must consider adding essential information for your target audience. For example, print your

While you’re working on your custom packaging design, you can consider including important information for your customers. Imprint your website and relevant contact information. You may also put info on how to reorder in the design as well. Not only will this benefit your current customers, but it’ll also help you connect to new ones that may come across your packaging.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

If your customers prefer sustainable products, there is no harm in playing your part to save Mother Nature. Custom rigid boxes provide you an open opportunity to invest in recyclable materials. Leveraging sustainable containers will allow you to persuade eco-conscious customers. 

According to the study, nearly half of the global consumers make buying decisions based on whether a brand proffers an environmentally friendly packaging solution. Apart from benefitting Mother Nature, greener packaging material gives you a serious marketing edge over your competition.

Add a Personal Touch to Win Customers

Wholesale rigid boxes go way beyond the container and materials. They help you safely deliver your products to the end customers. These can also fit in something extra, along with the order. It could be a simple ‘thank you’ card, discount coupon, or a small brand sticker that can considerably elevate your purchasing experience.        

Using these features can prove extremely beneficial for online businesses that help you establish a strong association with the customers and win their trust for repeat purchases. How? Even though people who order online know what they will get before the package arrives in the mail, the extras add an element of delight and surprise.

Give it a Touch of your Brand’s Personality

While there is no harm in using wholesale rigid boxes to create brand awareness, you can also improve your brand’s image by leveraging the packaging solution. If you want to showcase the lighter side of your business, think about printing some funny statements on your boxes and even packaging tape. These statements will make your packages an ideal social media fodder. Additionally, they will immensely improve the unpacking experience for customers.

The key here is to ensure that your rigid box manufacturers in the US should strive to deliver the containers that project you as an established brand. Just how you have made your branding and marketing efforts uniform across the website, apply the same rule to your package. Inconsistency can cause confusion among your customer base. 


As a business owner or marketing manager, you already how crucial branding is for your business. To gain success, you must consider it a part of your branding and marketing efforts. Else, it will become tough for you to come up with a compelling packaging design.

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